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Obliteration of blood vessels by means of microfoam

Not only a cosmetic problem Spider veins are often considered to be optically disturbing. In fact, they are more than that: for these small but enlarged surface veins are often evidence of a beginning venous disease that should be identified and treated at an early stage. Varicose veins do not...

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Sunscreen is protection against skin cancer

The skin does not forget anything The skin remembers a sunburn a whole lifetime. Ultraviolet rays penetrate deep below the skin. It is true that UVC rays are almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer. UV radiation, however, is able to attack cells and DNA directly. But UVA rays are also...

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Onychomycosis: Good healing prospects for nail fungus

Onychomycosis is a fungi-determined infection of the finger- and/or toenails. The nail plates change colour into yellow and white, they thicken and get crumbly; a process that, in most cases, begins at the far end of the nail. In particular, mechanical damages of the nail, as, for instance, a blue...

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Warts: Incantation alone does not help

All kinds of superstition are associated with warts. You should talk to them or let a snail creep across them at full noon to get rid of them. From the medical point of view the sudden appearance and disappearance can rather be explain like this: Benign skin tumours are triggered by a form of the...

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Micro-needling: Impulses for a smooth and firm skin

To treat sagging skin, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, cellulite or hair loss Dermatologie am Sendlinger Tor uses so-called dermarollers or micro perforators. They are especially efficient medical devices which are not comparable to those sold over the counter. Their exactly arranged fine needles...

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Mesohair: Help in case of hair loss

A lot of men already suffer from hair loss or sparse hair early in life. But also women are often affected by alopecia. This is particularly the case when, after childbirth or later in the climacteric period, the hormones change. Medical cosmetics can, by means of an innovative method, help you to...

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ELVeS Radial Laser™: With focused light against varicose veins

As experienced phlebologists  Dr. Mareike Kensy and Dr. Esther Wißmüller are always up to date with new developments. With ELVeS Radial Laser™ a new option to treat even subjacent veins in a minimally invasive way is at their disposal. "Dermatologie am Sendlinger Tor" belongs to the few...

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Skin cancer screening: Early detection is vital

The number of new skin cancer diseases is increasing at an alarming rate. According to the German Cancer Society, in Germany alone, about 22,000 cases of malignant melanoma and about 170,000 cases of light skin cancer diseases such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma are diagnosed each year....

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